Memeo Share

Memeo Share

Memeo Share is designed to share their most valuable photos and videos
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Memeo Share is a utility that allows you to create a circle of friends to share and exchange any photo or video you think fit.
Basically, Memeo Share is responsible for posting the photos and videos you want in a private space on the Internet. A website that may only access people you invite. That is, your circle of friends.
When it comes to access all your publications, the program offers two possibilities: one, access the gallery or private web space through a browser or two, to control a user by way of listening Memeo Share. One option which is responsible for automatically download all the news that a friend published in his private space.
The best of Memeo Share is why you do not have to worry about anything. The program takes care of everything. It publishes all the pictures or videos in a folder and download all the news available in the private spaces of your friends automatically and seamlessly.
In short, even Share is an excellent solution to create a circle of friends with whom to share photos and videos either via web or transferring files directly.

To use Memeo Share you need is Operating system Windows 2003, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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